Hypercubes and Zometools

On Tuesday, February 9, my Dad and I went to a Math Art Opening at a Denver machine shop. We’d been invited to attend by Paul Hildebrandt, one of the inventors of Zometools. We arrived at the shop to find a cute little dog named Daisy. She greeted us at the door and gave us a warm welcome. Daisy was there, but no one else. The shop had no people and was very quiet, aside from Daisy.

Paul's 6D Sculpture
Paul’s 6D Sculpture

My Dad and I went outside and around the building.  Behind the shop, we met Paul and his gang. They were building with Zometools, making cool shapes and 3d designs under a big 6d sculpture that Paul had made. I joined in, making what I call the double decker hypercube. It can  be classified as either a cube inside of a Hypercube or  a Hypercube inside of a cube.

Shadow of a Hypercube
Shadow of a Hypercube

It has interesting shadows. In fact, I tried to build a replica of what I saw out of the red Zometools. It wasn’t exact, but I found out that at a certain angle, the shadow replica and the DD Hypercube would line up to make the same image. That was cool.

Unfortunately my Dad and I had to go get dinner and go home. I was getting hungry, and I had to practice for my piano lesson the next day. It was fun to make the DD Hypercube though. I wish I could have stayed longer.



Dad’s Note:

The exhibit, “Structure of Number”, runs through Sunday, March 27.  It consists of two large sculptures outside of Denver 4-Axis Machining at 5830 Downing Street. I learned that 4-Axis Machining made the original molds for Zometools, as well as the large struts and connectors for Paul’s sculpture.  Paul even married into the 4-Axis family! 


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