Ideas: Infinity

bathroom mirror

Infinity is a strange thing that has influenced my thoughts for my whole life. Have you ever looked at the pattern made by putting a mirror in front of another mirror? It looks like an infinite hallway! When I lay in bed, my mind thinks up many different patterns of infinity, some of which relate in more ways than just them being patterns of infinity. For example:

The Number Line

… -5  -4  -3  -2  -1   0   1   2   3   4   5  …

The Rotating Hallway (my design)

Infinite Hallway



In all three examples you can zoom in closer and there is a smaller image of what was shown before. You can zoom in as many times as you want and it will never stop getting smaller. All of Zeno’s Paradoxes are examples of infinity. There is always a distance between you and the finish line if you always cut the distance in half.

The coolest of the patterns that show the examples of infinity are the ones that can seem to be 3D, like a never ending hallway, but some other cool stuff about infinity is how you can use it to make ever-going tessellations which you can find on an upcoming Tessellations post.

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